Christine Keeler & Arne Jacobsen

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We just stumbled upon "one of the most famous photographs of a chair ever taken." The Arne Jacobsen ANT chair was photographed by Lewis Morley in 1963 (actually, it's a fake ANT, but meant to look like the ANT anyway). The woman at the center of our attention is a high class call girl named Christine Keeler. Her affair at that time with John Profumo became the stuff of legend. The story is in the NYTimes today as Mr. Profumo died yesterday. It is as good now as it was then. So is the chair.

The saga titillated millions of Britons with tales of misbehavior that had all the hallmarks of a salacious thriller --- nobility and spies, call-girls and country estates, sex and suicide, guns and lies.

Of course, it is the chair that is important in this photograph. At the time, using this particular chair held great meaning. Arne Jacobsen's chair "stands in for modernity's steady erosion of privacy and class-derived privilege. Keeler would not have exposed nearly so much were she sitting backward on a piece of late 19th century baroque revival."

Or would she?

Here's another as well....

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