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Boston, MA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love that it’s comfortable. To me, comfort is the ultimate goal of home decorating, and one I was worried I wouldn’t be able to achieve when I bought my small apartment – Will I feel cramped? Will I be bumping into things all the time? Will I have to store stuff in weird and hard to reach spots? A small scale turned out to be an asset. I had the time, money (and willpower!) to design it, ensuring minimal bumping and non-weird storage solutions. And I am now able to easily maintain it, and enjoy the comfort of the space to its fullest.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1.Use lots of textures: This is my top piece of advice because it’s easy to succeed. Texture variety creates depth that I think is important in a small space. In my living room, I included metal, glass, marble, 4 kinds of wood, leather, fur, velvet and many other fabrics.
2.Differentiate design elements to create distinct spaces: I'd imagine in a large home that it's important to keep a consistent design esthetic to create continuity, but with only 3 small rooms, I strive to make them each feel different: an eclectic main room; a calming bedroom; a bold bathroom (in an attempt to wake me up in the morning).
3 . Get fresh cut flowers: I'm easily bored, so I use flowers to keep my apartment new and fresh. I buy a bouquet every week -- often just $10 of tulips. And in a small apartment, one bouquet can be seen from nearly everywhere!