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Tacoma, WA
Inspiration for my palette:
Gardens. For the past two months I've been taking pictures of pretty gardens in my neighborhood and posting them on my tumblr blog. I live only a few blocks away from a conservatory that overlooks a gorgeous park. I almost always stop by on my walks around town. The condensation covering the glass panes on frosty days is so inviting, and I want my tiny apartment to feel similarly cozy. I’m lucky enough to have nearly an entire wall of windows which provides enough light for all of my green friends.
Colors used in my room
I’ve added every shade of green imaginable along with lemongrass yellow and a few different wood tones to the white and cream background of my space.
Tips for using color successfully
I love changing accent colors as the seasons transition. For example, I have light airy linen curtains in the late spring and summer, warmer hued cotton curtains in the fall, and dark, lush velvet curtains in the winter and early spring. I think it’s best to identify how you would like to feel in your home, find a place that makes you feel that way, and let yourself be inspired or recreate it.
Kitsch Conservatory

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