(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Tis officially the holiday season. And for many of us, this means purchasing a Christmas tree for the arrival of jolly ole Saint Nick (but hopefully not the Saint Nick David Sedaris once described).

I grew up celebrating each Christmas with the plastic foilage of a I-pity-the-faux Mr. Tree, assembled yearly in the living room with the precision fit of Voltron, to form a sham of a semblance of an aromatic and grand live tree...trees that seemingly graced the living rooms of all our other neighbors (I think even our jewish neighbors pitied our gentile Milli Vanilli tree). My better half is allergic to many of the live variety of cut Christmas trees, so she procured via eBay a vintage aluminum tree last year...a fine fit in size and style for our cozy apartment that almost seems as nice as a real tree. And now the Christmas tree lots are about to open, and many retailers are displaying artificial tree selections of various shapes and sizes. We're curious about what sort of tree will grace the homes of our readership (or whether you'll have a tree at all, noting not all of us celebrate Christmas. Festivus pole, anyone?).