We've been around the proverbial blocks before, but Citiblocs are something special. Proving once again that simplicity rules, the great innovation of these blocks is their uniform size (0.25"x1"x4.5") and their proportions of a 1:3:5:15 ratio. These numbers mean that Citiblocs can be worked up into tall and elaborate structures using only gravity to hold things in place.

Citiblocs are cut from New Zealand grade A radiata pine from certified renewable forests. They are beautiful blocks that feel great in our hands. Sets of 50-500 blocks are available in natural, camo, black and white, cool colors and hot colors. The new Little Builders Rattle Blocks are designed for toddlers. Prices range from $11.99 for the 50 piece wooden set to $99.99 for the 500 piece set with storage bin. Learn more, find a local retailer or shop online at Citiblocs.

(Thanks for the cool blocks, Archer!)

(Image: Citiblocs)

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