City Color Palette Inspiration

As we talk about the color palettes of our homes this month, we can’t help but think about all the hues we spot around our colorful city of Austin. It’s a stretch to say that any city in particular has a specific color palette that every space adheres to, but still we can’t help but feel like certain colors give off an Austin vibe.

Bright sky blue for sure. Maybe some fun modern green. Rusty orange and red definitely. Can't forget about a crisp white and a cool, modern gray. These are the colors we think about when we think of Austin’s color palette. Our guesses are informed by the colors we see not only around Austin’s landmarks, but also in the color palettes we see popping up again and again in Austin homes.

What would your city’s color palette be? Does your city have one? Is it inspired by the natural landmarks? Or maybe a famous building? Do you notice a lot of people leaning towards certain colors in their homes? And most importantly, are the colors in your own home inspired by the colors you see around your city?

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