I was just in NYC this past week and the weather ranged from muggy overcast, to heavy downpour, to a wicked chill, then finally to a pleasant warmth with sunshine...all within a span of 48 hours. All of New York seemed to blossom once the sun came back out, with Gotham's city dwellers seeking any and every corner where the could soak in some sun...

Here's a concept app almost completely useless for this LA kid, where sun is plentiful year around; but I could imagine an app like this could help a few of those pasty-skinned, vitamin-D deprived SoHo inhabitants get a little color back into their skin (oh, my retinas!).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Ray Ban wants to help customers in big cities spend more time in the sun. The problem is that they sometimes end up in the shadows due to the skyscrapers and tall buildings. That's why we created a helpful tool called Bright Light.