(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
notNeutral have honoured our city by including us amongst three other world gateways (the others are Shanghai, Cairo and Berlin) with a special edition 12" porcelain City Plate printed with a bird's eye view of LA's downtown map. Think of this as partnership of Google Maps and gastronomy, and plot a trip to the Historic Core (I'd recommend Clifton's or nearby Daikokuya), or nearby MacArthur Park, Echo Park or Dodger Stadium/Elysian Park (designated by the green areas on the plate) while enjoying your meal. It's only too bad there aren't additional accompanying plates that could fill the table with a complete map of Southern California, but perhaps because that would entail a 50 plate set! [via blogging.la]

My cohort Jonathan reminded me that there was a previous 2006 white edition of this plate, with a slightly different map graphic. So you've got some options.