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Boston, MA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
What I love most about my apartment is the location. I’m right in the heart of Back Bay on bustling Newbury Street. From here I can easily make my way to anywhere in Boston using Public transportation or by walking. I have lovely city views flanked by the Prudential building to my right and the Hancock building to my left. The Charles River with its beautiful Esplanade is a 5 minute walk away. And on Sunday mornings, when the streets are still quiet, before the shoppers and tourists come out to play, I can hear the church bells ringing in Copley square. Plus it's cozy!
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
It was challenging to adjust to the lack of space going from a 2 bedroom apartment in suburbia to a city studio. The one closet is the smallest I’ve ever seen, so storage was a concern. But with some serious purging and reorganizing I found that you don’t really need to have as much “stuff” around you as you think you do, so I only brought in some treasured items and functional pieces. I was fortunate that a new kitchen with amazing cabinets had been installed just prior to my moving in. I have a lot of kitchen items, but I also use them to store almost EVERYTHING else. Space over the cabinets also becomes useful. Furniture becomes multi-functional. A round table is not only for dining, but is also my desk and make-up area. The TV cabinet holds my TV/DVD’s/DVD player as well as my printer and office supplies. The bookcases have closed cabinet sections which I use to keep off-season shoes and tons of other items. And let’s not forget the miracle under-bed storage containers!