Classic Chicago Homes: From Coach Houses to Two Flats

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The truest thing I heard when first moving to this city over a decade ago was that there was no one typical Chicago-style apartment - the housing stock is wildly varied. I live in a converted storefront, one very "Chicago" type of home found throughout the city, along with plentiful-in-Chicago lofts, two flats, coach houses and fantastic mid century highrises. I dug into our archives so we could tour homes of all of these styles, organized by type - enjoy!

Shown above, click through to take the full tour:

Vintage Apartments and Two Flats:

1. Marian & Sig's Retro Modern Ukrainian Village Apartment

2. Bridgette & Britton's Masculine/Feminine Vision

3. Danny & Jeff's Vintage Collections

4. Christina's Stylish (with a Touch of Humor) Home

5. Christen's "Beautiful Goofball" Apartment

Mid Century Highrises:

6. Teresa's Goldberg on the Gold Coast

7. Julie & Iker's Marina City Heaven

8. Aaron's Astor Tower Apartment

Lofts and Converted Storefronts:

9. Michael & Anna's Rustic Modern Loft

10. Sarah & Jon's Exposed Brick Beauty

11. David & Megan's Storefront Live/Work Loft

12. The Wurm Storefront Kitchen & Studio

13. Todd and J.R.'s Printer's Row Passages

Coach Houses:

14. Brenda & Harry's Contemporary Coach House

15. Liz & Joe's Cute & Crafty Coach House

Images: As credited on the original tours linked above

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American Style

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