Classic Glam: Rooms & Furnishings

Classic Glam: Rooms & Furnishings

Take a look through some of our recent House Tours, and it becomes clear that classic glam is a look that is here in a big way. Touches of gold, elegantly patterned wallpapers, tufted headboards and chairs — the details are classic, but the look is modern.

To keep things interesting: mix it up! Place a shimmering silver or gold accent lamp, candle or side table in a room with a soft neutral wall color. Try pairing a lamp with a luxurious curvy silhouette with a clean modern couch. The combination of a sleek, black, glossy coffee table with an elegant tufted chair with gilded woodwork keeps the room from seeming too fussy.

When adding glamour to your home, don't forget to think about texture. A faux fur or sheepskin throw can give a bedroom with a modest color palette that seductive touch. In one example, we see white pillows covered in sheer paillettes that are a subtle but dazzling detail.

Remember: just because the look is "classic glam" doesn't mean you have to follow any rules. Lamps don't need to be in a pair and sleek pieces can be coupled with something rustic, or even gothic. It adds character to a room to have variety. In fact, variety and personality are what makes each of the spaces here work. They all indulge in glamour, to varying degrees, but how each homeowner incorporates their personal style is what makes these rooms truly inspiring.

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