Classic Home Types from American Cities, Coast to Coast

American Style

Cities each have their own flavor and style and this extends to housing. Check out some homes in the "signature style" of these three cities: LA Lofts, Chicago Coach Houses and New York Brownstones:

Los Angeles Lofts
Design Star Antonio Ballatore's Downtown Loft
Philip & Leona's Wide Open Loft
Daniel's Eclectic Industrial Loft

Chicago Coach Houses
Brenda & Harry's Contemporary Coach House
Matt & Betsy's Color-Inspired Coach House
Liz & Joe's Cute & Crafty Coach House

Brooklyn Brownstones
Rebecca's Vintage Brownstone
Peter's 1892 Brooklyn Brownstone
An Englishman in New York

(Images: 1. 2. 3. Bethany Nauert 4. Janel Laban 5. Matt & Betsy Siber 6. Jason Loper 7. Liz Vidyarthi 8. Patrick Mulcahy 9.Patrick J. Hamilton )

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