Classic NYC Pads on TV:
How Realistic Are Your Favorite Shows?


If you believe your television, NYC has some pretty great real estate… for cheap. How else could columnist Carrie Bradshaw afford such a spacious one bedroom and all those Manolos? How did chronically under-employed Monica Geller live in the heart of Greenwich Village? Padmapper has investigated five of our favorite TV shows and their characters' apartments to determine which shows keep it believable and which real estate is just too good to be true.

Not only do they break down each character's job, estimated financials and apartment stats, but the article also divulges some great behind-the-scenes extras. Did you know the outside shot of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment is actually a building in Los Angeles?

It's a fun read for any TV fan. Read the full article at Padmapper.

(Images: Paddmapper)