Classic Toys That Never Go Out of Style

Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012

It takes a special toy to stand the test of time. As technology and new toys have risen and fallen in popularity year after year, there are a few classics that have persisted for decades. They are simple, well-designed, and require that bit of magic that draws in children (and adults) from any generation: imagination. Here are some classic favorites that will make perfect gifts for creative kids or even for their nostalgic parents:

1. Fisher Price Chatter Phone ($15.99, KMart)

2. Classic Etch A Sketch Magic Screen ($14.99, Amazon)

3. Plastic Army Men (250 for $19.99,

4. Melissa and Doug Wooden Railway Set ($129.98, Bloomingdale's)

5. Chinese Checkers ($14.99, Target)

6. Raggedy Ann or Andy Doll ($29.95, The Vermont Country Store)

7. Lincoln Logs Bicentennial Tin Edition ($27.98, Best Buy)

8. Classic Red Wagon ($99.99, Radio Flyer)

9. Retro Slinky Dog ($19.99, Toys R Us)

10. Cutie Matryoshka Dolls ($14.99, Just Kids Store)

(Images: As credited above.)

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