Classics with a Twist: 5 Fun Striped Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are a building block of a great wardrobe, but we tend to automatically think we need to go "classic" (read: solid colors) when purchasing something in a luxury material. That's wise, but now and then its ok to think outside the shopping bag a little and go for a small twist on the classic look. Here are 5 cashmere (and cashmere blend) sweaters in stripes that might tempt you to do just that...

Collection Cashmere Sweater in Pinstripe from J.Crew, $248.

Striped cashmere crewneck pullover from Orvis, on sale for $89

A cotton cashmere blend from Gap, on sale for $25

Modern striped cashmere boatneck from Garnet Hill, on sale for $59 - 148.

Collection Cashmere Seamed Sweater in Stripe from J.Crew, $238.

Love the look? Here it is for your home. Cashmere Blanket from Gap, $99

(Image credits: Garnet Hill; j.crew; Orvis; Gap; j.crew; Gap)