Flickr Find: Clean the Grill With an Onion?

Flickr Find: Clean the Grill With an Onion?

Faith Durand
Jul 23, 2008

We came across this Flickr photo entitled "Matt cleaned the grill with an onion..." and we were instantly intrigued. Cleaning the grill with an onion?

posted originally from: AT:Kitchen

We had never seen this particular method before, so we did a little searching.

It seems that rubbing a hot grill with half a cut onion (cut side down) will loosen up baked on grit and grime and basically take it all right off the grill. It's best to heat the grill super hot first and burn down any remaining food or crud, then rub it hard with an onion stuck on the end of a fork (as seen above).

We haven't tried this yet, but we love that it's a totally green option too! No icky grill cleaning chemicals.

Have you ever cleaned your grill like this?

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(Image: Flickr member allygirl520 licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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