CleanWell Hand Sanitizer

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer

Jun 22, 2007

AT readers have the best sources! When we recently blogged about substituting paper soap for hand sanitizer, reader Laura in LA pointed us toward a child-friendly hand sanitizer, from CleanWell.

The problem with most hand sanitizers is the alcohol content, and the concern that if a child ingests it, the result could be alcohol poisoning. CleanWell uses something called Ingenium, a non-alcohol, plant-based oil, in their hand sanitizers, making this product safe to use around children.

CleanWell hand sanitizer comes in both a spray bottle (above), and also as wipes, making them easy to toss in a purse or diaper bag on your way out the door.

We are always on the lookout for greener products that get the job done. Thank you, Laura in LA for your great find!

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