Cleaning Before a Trip

Cleaning Before a Trip

Laure Joliet
Mar 26, 2008

So, we fall into the camp of wanting everything absolutely spic and span before we leave on an adventure. There's just something about wanting all our ducks in a row before we feel free to go off and have fun. A checklist of what we take care of before a big trip:

  • Dust the room and mop floors
  • Empty the refrigerator so nothing is growing in it when we return
  • Put away all clothing and laundry
  • Make sure there are NO dishes in the sink
  • Wash the sheets and make the bed like we've never made it before
  • Spend an hour decluttering and drop off donations
  • Clean the bathroom from top to bottom and throw out anything we haven't been using
  • Give all the plants a good watering
  • Give the pets a good petting
  • Take a really relaxing bath
  • Triple check our lists

There's probably more, but since we're in the throws of getting ready, we have to get to work!

What do you do before a big trip?

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