Cleaning Resources and How-To's

Cleaning Resources and How-To's

Mat Sanders
Aug 13, 2011

Why go out and enjoy the final days of summer this weekend when you could stay in and clean?? Seriously, though – many of us here at AT are in the process of packing things up and moving to new apartments. This means we'll be getting down and dirty scrubbing our new diggs and cleaning out our current apartments to ensure we get our security deposits back! Luckily, we have this bevy of roundups and guides to help us in this cleaning crusade.

Top Row:
1. How to Clean While Staying Green
2. Fresh Start: Best Kitchen Cleaning Supplies
3. Checklist: Basic Cleaning Supplies for a Small Space
4. DIY Cleaning Products
5. Green Cleaning Products Roundup

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Bottom Row:
6. The Most Beautiful Cleaning Supplies & Tools
7. Best Products: Method Cleaning Products
8. Top Ten: Cleaning Supplies
9. Kitchen Cleaning: 10 Smart Sources
10. Household Cleaning Urban Myths: Do They Actually Work?

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