Cleaning Tip: Use Car Wax On Your Air Vents

Ask Anna

A few weeks ago I mentioned a few great ways to clean your vents. The subject is so thrilling, I'm sure the excitement can hardly be contained. So if you're not a fan of doing it all that often, check out this simple trick to having to do so less often.

Over at Ask Anna, she's shared a great tip on keeping your air vents dust free a little longer. The task is a boring one to do and no one really wakes up on a Saturday and says, Yeehaw, today I'm cleaning my vents! YES!

So instead, to keep that chore at bay a little longer Anna suggests cleaning your vents well and then buffing on car wax, making sure to get both sides. It will help the dust float on by without sticking tight and although that seems contradictory to a clean home, as long as you're keeping up on sweeping you should be just fine. Check out all the details on the project over at Ask Anna.

Image: Ask Anna

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