Cleaning Up Around The Nest

Cleaning Up Around The Nest

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 20, 2004

Roofdeck anyone? If you are one of the lucky few that have a roofdeck in this city, or even if you only have a window box, we found a few items in the NY Times yesterday that will inspire.

Icicle Pansies! With a name that says exactly what they are, icicle pansies flower LATE - until snowfall - and then come back again in the spring. They are bred by Fernlea Flowers and cost $5.95 for 6.

The Ryobi Electric Mulchinator Vac! Another name that just grips you in the gut, wouldn't you say? We hate gasoline powered leaf blowers, so we were immediately interested in this electric version ($76.99). We were even more impressed when we discovered that it is also a vacuum that mulches and collects it all in the attached bag. This little job could solve all your outdoor clean up problems. You might even be tempted to use it indoors... (Escapes section - no link - via NY Times) MGR

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