Clear Desktop Space With a Side-Desk Paper Organizer

If our office was a superhero, its evil nemesis would be stacks of paper. They're everywhere, making it tough to actually get anything done on our desktop. As soon as we think we've slayed the last stack, a brand new villain creeps into town, keeping us from a clean and empty workspace. But we've found their weakness: Side-of-desk paper organizers.

We spotted that top image on Flickr, from member almostbunnies. We love the ingenuity of freeing up desktop real estate by moving obnoxious paper piles to the side of the desk.

If you want the same kind of organization for your workspace, it's easy to assemble:

1. Start with a hanging file-organizer.
We love these two picks, but anything that can hang will work. Check out your local home store or organization store, or search the web for "hanging file sorters."

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1. Whitmor Plastic Wall Organizer, $10.89; 2. White Polypro Large Wall Pocket, $31.49 for a set of 3

2. Attach it to your desk with removable hooks.
3M Command Hooks are sent from heaven. They can hang heavy-duty stuff (like your insurmountable paper piles), but are still easily removable so you won't damage your desk. Don't like the look of hooks? Try the picture-hanging strips.

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3. 3M Command Medium Hooks Value Pack, $6.97; 4. 3M Command Modern Reflection Large Brushed Nickel Hook, $12.99; 5. 3M Command White Picture Hanging Strips, $6.09

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