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We're always on the lookout for new ways to disguise the TV, and this is one of the most ingenious we've ever seen. Style at Home did a rundown of strategies for hiding your electronics in plain sight, and this was our favorite of the bunch: Hang a TV on dark or black wallpaper and it virtually disappears! Amazing.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Similarly, a TV with a white frame blends in beautifully on a white shelving unit, surrounded by books in white and gray tones. Ordinarily we would never think of buying a TV with a white frame, but this is a great-looking setup, and it seems like a better solution than buying a big bulky cabinet to enclose both the TV and its accompaniments.

In an earlier post about TVs and wallpaper, Janel pointed out that wallpaper with a bold graphic pattern also creates enough of a statement that it minimizes the impact of the TV... another great reason to hang your flatscreen on a papered wall. But the camouflage effect of the dark color might be an even bigger plus. What do you think? Could you achieve a similar effect with dark paint?

To browse some more ideas for disguising your electronics, view the full story at Style at Home.

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