Like many crafters I find myself with a surplus of small items. Whether it's thread, or twine, or more thread, or paint, or even more thread, I seem to have amassed quite a collection of tiny, necessary objects. Lucky for all the crafters out there, vintage crates and drawers are perfect for stowing the little things that accumulate.


1. Letterpress Drawer thread storage from Disdressed.

2. Paint storage in a crate from Clean Mama.

3. A crate of thread at Jitney's Journeys.

4. A vintage drawer stores thread at Crazy Mom Quilts.

5. A clever solution for glitter storage at This Idyllic Life.


6. Lolly Jane stores baker's twine in a crate.

7. Mixed craft storage in a DIY finished crate from Somerset Place.

8. A letterpress drawer is perfect for stamp storage at Ali Edwards.

9. Art supplies corralled in a crate at Kayla Aimee.

10. Imperfectly Wonderful World stores kids art supplies in a crate.