Clever Ways to Display My Instagram Photos?

Clever Ways to Display My Instagram Photos?

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 5, 2011

Q: I'm a big Instagram user and I've raked up nearly 1,000 photos over the past few months. I'd like a way to share them with guests that come by, but don't want to print them all out on my inkjet (it just doesn't look right on that glossy paper). Any ideas?

A: Well, Philip, seeing as Instagram seems to be taking over the retro-digital photo world as of late, it's no surprise folks are wanting to get those photos off their phones and into the hands of their loved ones.

One route to go is to print them on larger canvas frames instead of regular photo paper. We like framing our favorites and stacking them in a creative pattern to create a nice little stack of memories - now that's what we call a fabulous conversation piece!

If you're okay with digital, Slidelight is a $2.99 app for the iPad which combines Flipboard+Instagram, allowing for the automatic pulling your photos into an interactive digital piece for your friends and family to enjoy when they're not busy playing Angry Birds.

Got another clever display method for your Instagram photos? Let us know in the comments!

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