How To Cleverly Conceal Clutter: DIY Fabric Curtains, Skirts & Covers

Does your furniture hide some dirty little secrets? You can cover a multitude of sins with just some simple fabric, and perhaps a few stitches. Each of these DIY curtains, skirts and covers mask whatever bottles, knick knacks, or toys you want to keep out of the public eye, and are great for small spaces where every inch counts.

Kitchen Buffet (above): A simple curtain from Ariadne at Home hides dishes in this side table in a dining room.

Outdoor Bar: Jacinda of Prudent Baby made a similar style curtain for her outdoor patio bar set up.

Wire Kitchen Shelving: House & Home featured this wire shelving unit camouflaged by a fabric curtain in the same pattern as the walls.

Pedestal Sink: A (no sew!) skirt for pedestal sinks from The Little Green Notebook.

Bedside Table: This table skirt was inspired by one Jessica saw on Wisteria.

Console Table: Material Girl made a trompe l’oeil skirt for her console table.

If you need to hide some stuff, check out how each of these projects were done!

(Image credits: Ariadne at Home; Prudent Baby; House and Home; The Little Green Notebook; ECAB; Material Girl)