Climate Change... and Humor

Climate Change... and Humor

Jonathan B.
Nov 29, 2007

Why not laugh at global warming? That sentiment is behind the Climate Cartoons project, which recently won an Emmy for "Big Fun with Global Warming." Even Al Gore, who is not exactly known for his sense of humor, had something to say:

"What if we could make American families laugh while showing them how to solve the climate crisis?"

We don't want to spoil the spot for you, but we love the way a classic cartoon device was repurposed as a visualization of carbon. At the end, the spot suggests two proven ways to cut carbon: plant a tree or change a lightbulb. Congratulations to the Sierra Club for sponsoring a creative approach to the problem and to Mark Green for tackling such an important issue.

Here's hoping we could use such gentle, humorous approaches to solve some of the more complicated aspects of climate change.

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