Closet Organizing Tips from the Container Store

Closet Organizing Tips from the Container Store

Julia Cho
Nov 2, 2009
Just when you finally had your own closet had a baby. And as it turns out, there's a whole other plane of organization necessary when it comes to baby stuff. There are just a few things to keep in mind though...

• Unlike your own clothes, dividing them by color or season isn't really the way to go. You've got a growing baby here! Divide the clothes by size and age using something like the hangers above so that you don't miss any of the cute outfits you have!

• Use a hanging sweater bag to plan out clothes for each week. This is a good idea for baby or even older children- especially if you have busy mornings.

• You'll notice right away that baby clothes take up a lot less vertical space! Install another rod or shelf system to take advantage of that space!

• Use a shoe bag over the door for all of this little items- like little shoes, socks, hair pins, or other accessories.

These are all really practical ideas anyone can do. And there are a few more over at the The Container Store where you'll also find links to the products for the solutions above.

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