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When I moved into my flat there wasn't a single closet. Needless to say, I needed a solution fast, and renting didn't allow me the luxury of a permanent closet solution. I turned to IKEA and purchased one of their wardrobes, but the insides needed some outfitting for even more organization. Check out a list of closet necessities after the jump...
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Top Row (from left to right) 1. Perfect for belts, ties, and scarves; Komplement Multi-Use Hanger, IKEA $7.99 2. Hooks to hang anywhere; Blecka, IKEA $4.99 3. For the shoe hoarder, a 24-pocket overdoor shoe bag, Container Store, $24.99 Middle Row (from left to right) 4. Bijou hanger, Umbra $15.00 5. Add layers to your closet with the Double Hang Closet Rod, Container Store, $9.99 6. For multiple pairs of pants, Trouser Hanger, Storables, $5.95 Bottom Row (from left to right) 7. Diamond Drawer Organizer, Storables $8.95 8. Very versatile Huggable Hangers, Target, $19.99 9. Mulitple sizes for multiple shoes, Target, $24.59

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