Close-Up: It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, its a tree in the living room!

Hakarl and Jili's living room trompe l'oeil is worthy of a revisit in the form of a close-up. In case you missed their house tour Hakarl created this on his wall, by hand, as the centerpiece for he and his partner's living room...

Hakarl found a few different photos of trees online and used them to create one image to project on the wall from his laptop. He then traced the outline of the enlarged composite onto the wall and taped its outline with painters tape. The most impressive part of this process is that he then took an exacto knife and gently--trying not to carve into the wall of his rented apartment--cut the tape to represent the detailed undulations of every branch and every leaf on the tree.

When Hakarl was happy with the way the his 'tape stencil' looked, he used a matte black and painted inside the lines. He wonders if would use matte paint if he were to do it again because of how sensitive it is, but so far he is very very happy with the result.