Close-Up!: Rebecca's Wallpaper Backsplash

Weeks after Rebecca and Roger's Flux-Redux House Tour, visions of the gorgeous wallpaper backsplash still dance through our head(s)...

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How'd she do it? In case you missed her comment on the in-depth post over at The Kitchn, Rebecca explains:

The glass is wedged in and held by silicon bikini straps on each edge. I opted out of using bolts because it would interfere with my wallpaper pattern. (in my design world mind everything floats, but the reality is . . . something's got to secure it from gravity) Had I done it over, I would have had the carpenter construct a channel of sorts at the bottom of the upper cabs to slide the glass into, for that "look ma, no hardwares" effect with just a noodle of silicon where the counter meets the splash and corner verticals.

(The wallpaper is Cole & Sons' Malabar.)

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