Cloud and Co USB Powered Bottle Humidifier

Cloud and Co USB Powered Bottle Humidifier

Gregory Han
Feb 27, 2012

Unlike here in the United States, Asian countries like Japan and Korea seem to take the humble humidifier a lot more seriously, offering a large catalog of shapes and sizes. This bottle-shaped by Cloud and Co may be our favourite ever, skipping the usual visual trope of dials and tanks for a minimalist vessel design which looks good on or off...

Designed to work near your desk during the day, plugged in via USB cable, the bottle emanates cool steam (cleansed using an anti-bacterial filter) for up to 13 hours at a time. And to our surprise/joy, the bottle design isn't just a visual's coming to market in Japan this July, meaning we should see it available via specialty shops/importers soon afterward.

Other stylish humidifier options:

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