Smart Solutions for Storing Shoes

Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies

I love my shoes, but they are a nonstop jumble. Between the high heels teetering over and the knee-high boots domino-effect, my shoe collection is definitely the most chaotic spot in the closet. I dove into the Apartment Therapy archives for some much-needed help and inspiration...

Up top there you can see the way shoes are kept corralled overhead — yet within arm's reach — in Mireille and Simon's Unified and Unique Berlin Apartment. So elegant!

In Caroline's Pint Size Retro Whimsy On A Budget, candy-colored shoes brighten up the closet in her little 475-square-foot apartment.

Small Cool contestant Stephanie combined shoe shelves and a bulletin board to create a calm and inspiring spot in her closet.

In Alex & Alina's Lovingly Layered Home, small shelves above the clothing racks are the perfect depth and height to hold lots and lots of pairs.

Install a salvaged pallet on a closet wall to hold (unscuffable) shoes, as spotted in Stephen & Antwann's Cool, Clever Home.

For a similarly rugged look with a smaller footprint, consider creating Creative Shoe Storage Using Ladders

Store shoes over the closet with a Picture Rail Shoe Rack.

Forget the closet and just scatter them all over the floor! Just kidding, that would give me hives. All of the shoes in Krystal's San Francisco Studio are actually kept in a nice, neat heel-to-toe formation in her closet.

Finally, if your shoe collection is as fabulous and your closet is as spacious as the one in Sai's Glam Girl Pad, you are doing just fine and certainly don't need any of my advice. I might have a couple of questions for you, however..

(Image credits: Lydia Brotherton; Leah Moss; Stephanie; Nicole Crowder; Julia Brenner; Trine Thorsen; Flickr user mmadden under CC BY 2.0; Leela Cyd)