Coconino Removable Wallpaper

Maxwell’s Daily Find 10.11.12

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Coconino Removable Wallpaper

• from $120 a panel
Timothy Sue

I've seen a lot of new wallpaper over the past few years, but only once in awhile does a pattern jump out and warm my heart. This one does. Designed by Colette Clark, a Bay Area native, Coconino is one of her five patterns that combine digital expertise and a love of the handmade. In particular, it's those bright yellows and reds with an almost Indian feeling that excite. It's playful and grownup at the same time. Read below for all the info on how the "removable" works:

"Timothy Sue Removable Wallpapers are printed on polyester fabric material with removable and repositional adhesive backing. The material is non-toxic and phthalates free. It can be installed on almost any flat surface, removed, and repositioned without leaving a sticky residue behind.

We use digital printing methods and water-based latex ink. This method has minimal environmental impact compared to traditional printing methods. Our removable wallpapers are durable and water and scratch resistant."

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