Coffee Table Turns Into a Desk for Small-Space Dwellers

Coffee Table Turns Into a Desk for Small-Space Dwellers

Taryn Williford
May 20, 2010

In case you didn't know, Unplggd has perfected a new technology that allows us to see through the interwebs and know exactly what you're doing right now. About 24 percent of you are off-task at work and around 47 percent are surfing the Web from a laptop on your couch right now*. For that almost-half of you (who surely have neck and back problems), check out this coffee table that converts to a desk!

It's not a new idea, really. We've seen a handful of coffee tables that were made to rise to a dining height for in-front-of-the-TV meals and even one before that was made for working. But this version is the most affordable of the bunch, at $199.

From your favorite "I need this" catalog, Hammacher Schlemmer, this 38"x24" birch veneer'ed and walnut finishished coffee table can rise from it's sitting height of 20" to a perfectly positioned desk height of 31".

Of course, if you decided you don't really need a place to sit drinks and want to permanently turn your coffee table into a desk, try this DIY project: Create A Standing Desk From An Old IKEA Coffee Table.

*Measured with a 100 percent inaccuracy rate.

Via OhGizmo

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