CogDogBlog's House Sitting Wonderland

CogDogBlog's House Sitting Wonderland

Regina Yunghans
Apr 3, 2009
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We did a little house sitting ourselves recently, but nothing like this. The blog of geologist/ technology guru/ photographer, Alan Levine, documents his recent experience of house-sitting for a friend of a friend, an Icelandic architect...

For a month, Levine lived and worked in solitude from this home 90 minutes from Reykjavik:

The owner is an architect and designed this modern place. It sits atop a field with a sweeping view of land they own, including a horse pasture with 18 horses. One of my jobs is to look out the binoculars from the living room and make sure there are 18 and they are grouped together. His other job was to care for the owner's cute-as-a-button Iceland sheep dog, Skinna.

What an incredible experience! He must have been pinching himself every day just to be sure it wasn't a dream. Read all about Levine's housesitting adventure in My November Office View on his blog, CogDogBlog.

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