Coil Your Outdoor Cords In Plastic Waste Baskets

If you're planning to show a midnight movie outdoors on the projector screen or wire up your deck with great sound, you're going to have a lot of heavy duty outdoor cords working their way through your space. Just like inside the house, a tangle of outdoor cords can be unsightly. This DIY project might come in handy...

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Spotted at Instructables, this DIY project shows us that a simple 5-gallon bucket with a drilled hole in the bottom can become a great outdoor cord wrangler.

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But grabbing a cheap plastic wastebin from Ikea (we swear by the $1.99 FNISS, at left, and keep several around for both indoor and outdoor use) can take this project up a notch.

Drill two holes in the bottom, let the cord coil in the base of the bin, then place a potted plant inside. You'll have an outdoor cord management solution that looks great, too.

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