Cold Weather Comforts

Comfort. With this latest cold snap it's a great reminder that it does get cold in LA. So maybe it didn't freeze, but we still woke up with condensation on the insides of our windows! We need some comfort!

posted originally from: AT:LA

Some of the small luxuries that warm our everyday lives are a really warm bathroom so we don't shiver when we're dripping wet, a hot water bottle with heart (or even a basic one will do) to keep us toasty in bed. We're even looking at some of the electric blankets available at Overstock since it seems like a better option than running the heat all night. An extra quilt from the Company Store is perfect to have on hand in the living room for snuggling up on the couch.

And once we're cozy, it never hurts to fill the house (and ourselves) with the warmth of some killer spiced wine.

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