Collections: L'Anto's Moon Collection

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Collection: Moons
Name: L'Anto
Location: Italy
Size: 70+
Value: Priceless

>> See L'Anto's Moon Collection

"My name is Antonella (“l’Anto”, for friends), I am writing form Italy. What a great opportunity to send you some pictures! I read Apartment Therapy every day, I love it.. and I love the moon too!..."

>> See L'Anto's Moon Collection

I collect moons to hang on the wall, I bought some of them in my travels, and a moon is my favorite gift to receive. Some friends of mine did a moon for me. Now I have around 70, not so bad for a 4-years old collection..

Hope you enjoy the pictures and… the moon! To see one of them on Apartment Therapy is a big dream! thank you in any case for your amazing website!!"



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