For Arts, Crafts and Collections month I've rounded up some of my favorite collections from our House Tours. I love seeing what people are passionate about collecting, what catches their eye and how they choose to display these items in their homes.

1. Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home: Sara and Jason's wall display of vinyl toys is pulled together by color-coding the collection. This brings continuity and an artistic presentation to the collection.

2. LonAnne's Vintage and Modern Texas Charmer: LonAnne displays her vintage dish collection over the kitchen table with a no-frills, gallery-style placement of the pieces.

3. Shauntelle & Dave's Controlled Kitsch - Part 2: Shauntelle and Dave love to entertain guests in their tiki bar which is adorned with their much loved tiki mug collection.

4-6. Ofer & Randy's Flea Market Collections: Ofer and Randy group their kitsch-y collections throughout their home with strategic placement. As the house tour points out, the "less is more" approach need not apply here.

7 & 8. Tim's Classic Chicago Two-Flat: I love this collection of tiny pigs! Tim's display of miniature pigs and vintage suitcases shows that collections don't necessarily have to be large in size or quantity.

Images: As credited in individual tours.