The hot weather in DC this weekend got me fantasizing again about creating a relaxing outdoor reading nook. Though my apartment doesn't come with any outdoor space, I nevertheless found myself collecting the elements of my dream outdoor room — a quiet, private oasis where I can read a book while swaying in a gentle breeze. Maybe someday I'll have the space (and the funds) to make this dream outdoor room a reality!

  • Big Daddy Deluxe Hammock Set from Overstock ($370) - This hammock is the centerpiece of my dream room, the curved wooden frame creating a feeling of being cradled in the air.
  • Platta Decking from IKEA ($35 for 9) - I would use these squares to create a solid floor in my developing outdoor room.
  • Corded Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Fresca Blue from Pottery Barn ($49 - $299) - This wonderful faded rug helps to break up all the wood and anchor my space.
  • Outdoor Quadrant Planter from Crate and Barrel ($199) - I would use a couple of these planters to help define the edges of my space and to add some vertical interest.
  • Grill Dome Kamado Grill from Amazon ($630) - This lovely blue domed grill is for the rare times when I choose to share my outdoor space with my friends.
  • Kanpazar 80 from YLighting ($1170) - I love the drama of this lamp despite the truly absurd price tag (luckily this is just a dream room!)
  • Inside Wired Black Bamboo Fence from Jamali Garden ($110) - This bamboo fencing helps create a truly private nook, but can easily be moved for entertaining.
  • Mainsail Umbrella from CB2 ($400) - As a redhead who burns easily, shade is essential for my enjoyment of my reading nook; the umbrella also helps to cool my reading oasis.