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I love modern, simple designs but I also love color, so I often find these urges waging war within me. I'm drawn to Scandinavian interiors but find them lacking a certain something: maximalist spaces pull me in but leave me longing for a little spareness and simplicity. But every once in a while, like Goldilocks, I find something that is Just Right — like this coastal bungalow in Morocco that manages the perfect marriage of minimal pieces and cheerful color.

And for people who are into this sort of thing, this house is also an excellent primer in How To Use Tile Everywhere and Have It Look Totally Awesome (which is only appropriate, because the home's owners own a tile company). Let's take a look.

Above: The chevron-patterned tile floor totally makes this dining room — no need for a rug. I'm sure the tile is nice and cool underfoot during a hot summer, too. Keeping everything else in the room relatively simple lets the beautiful floor take center stage.

(Image credit: HomeLife)

Tile on a fireplace? It might not be the first thing I'd think of, but in this bedroom, it works.

(Image credit: HomeLife)

Tile is the main event in the bathroom, too: with the bright blue clawfoot tub and those amazing 'hex zigzag' tiles climbing the walls, you don't need much else. Like the rest of the home, this room strikes the perfect balance between maximalism and minimalism, stimulating but soothing at the same time.

To see more of this home, check out the full tour on HomeLife.

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