Colorblock Curtains: Adding Color Without Pattern

Curtains can really give a room that extra oomph. If you want a little (or a lot) more drama or color without committing to a patterned textile, color blocked curtains could be the answer.

A band of color at the bottom of a neutral drape can be a subtle way to anchor a room. For a much bolder look, broad stripes make a statement of their own. Vertical color blocking achieved through using two panels next to each other is also a unique way to frame a window or to separate neutral curtains from a similarly colored wall.

1. Carole Carr Design
2. RH Baby&Child
3. Lucinda Loya Interiors
4. Smith+Noble
5. The Yellow Cape Cod

6. Stedila Design
7. Mary McDonald Inc
8. BeautifullyLiving
9. Tobi Fairley
10. Mary McDonald Inc

What's your favorite look?

(Image credits: Carole Carr Design; RH Baby&Child; Lucinda Loya Interiors; Smith+Noble ; The Yellow Cape Cod; Stedila Design; Mary McDonald Inc.; BeautifullyLiving; Tobi Fairley ; Mary McDonald Inc)

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