Color Chips: San Antonio-Texas

Color Chips: San Antonio-Texas

Gregory Han
Nov 16, 2006

Just in case you've been wondering, I've been away in San Antonio for the last few days on vacation. I was in my better half's hometown for a half-marathon, raising money for the Humane Society, because we love animals as much as we love design and decor. But although San Antonio is a beautiful town with a beautiful history, it's not an obvious home decor destination in the traditional sense.

Where San Antonio shines as an inspiration is via the local architecture, the diverse flora & fauna, and the "colourful" personalities that embody the Texan spirit. Everywhere, the air was filled with neon coloured moths and butterflies, downtown homes and buildings exhibited the Texan mixture of old west and mexican architecture, and the city's spirit was a reminder one does not necessarily find the best inspiration in catalogs or magazines.

If you want colourful, the Texans themselves are some of the most vibrant and proud folk, and one realizes there was a reason that this year's Color Contest was filled with a large contingency from the Lone Star state. And don't get me started about the food....

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