Color Chips: Yellow and Lavender

Color Chips: Yellow and Lavender

Lily Gahagan
May 15, 2008

The yellow and gray trend has been all over the place lately, and while we still think it is a great combination, we like to switch things up a bit and think lavender or mauve is a great substitution. The general feeling is basically the same - we'd lean towards a grayish light purple - but might be enough of a change to keep it fresh.

If you were on it in kindergarten you probably remember that purple and yellow are complimentary colors, and therefore look pretty good together (or were you the kid in the corner eating paste?). Again, we'd suggest maintaining a healthy dose of gray in the lavender and keeping it a light hue in order to keep your room from feeling like an Easter explosion, but with a strong golden yellow we think it could be a good pair for any room. As for the turquoise... maybe an accent in an adjacent room? It's lovely in the picture but we're pretty sure we couldn't pull it off.

Image: Mzelle Biscotte.

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