Color Combo: Faint Blue and Gold

A few rooms in my home were painted the lightest of blues when I moved in. I didn't choose the color myself, but I've come to really like it. Each time I'm in one of those spaces, my eyes immediately fill in dark yellow, golden accessories. I have yet to make a move on accessorising, but the color combo is definitely on my mind:

The combo can suit everything from contemporary to quirky to country. The particular blue in my home is Benjamin Moore Stone White (yes, it is so light that it is called white). The type of gold I keep picturing with it is something like the pendant shown here from Barn Light Electric (the background color is Stone White):

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What say you? Like the combo? Would you choose a different yellow to go with it?

Images: Elle Decor, Domino, Elle Decor, Philip Gorrivan, House Beautiful

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Regina is an architect who lives with her husband and children in Lawrence, KS. As a LEED Accredited Professional and longtime contributor to Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, her focus is on healthy, sustainable living through design.