Color Contest Revisted: Alicia's Honorable Mention Prizes

Color Contest Revisted: Alicia's Honorable Mention Prizes

Janel Laban
Dec 19, 2006

One of the joys of the AT contests is that it tips us off to good blogs as well as allowing us a peek into inspirational interiors.

You may remember that this sewing studio entry (left) was chosen by judge Stephanie Waddell of Agnes and Hoss as an Honorable Mention in the recent Fall Colors Contest. Alicia, of the fabulous sewing studio, has a fun blog entitled Posie Gets Cozy, which we have been checking out since the contest.

Yesterday, we were happy to see that she posted on the Honorable Mention prizes she chose from CB2.

She says,"Over the weekend I got some early presents — remember when I was excited about the honorable mention I got in the Apartment Therapy color contest?

Well, they very generously sent a $150 gift certificate to the web site, and I think I waited about two or three whole minutes before I was on my computer, ordering.

I have been wanting new silverware forever, and so got this. And then I also got these really simple-but-pretty dishes, called Cumulus Crackle, and they really do have a sort of cloud-like billowy depth.

Most of the pieces came on Friday night so that was pretty exciting and I love it all so much. there's nothing like having a big, fat gift card to make you feel like a kid at Christmas, let me tell you. Thank you again cb2, and Apartment Therapy, and very dear and incredibly talented Stephanie Waddell. I'm going to use all this new stuff for my Christmas Eve dinner and I can't wait."

(Thanks, Alicia!)