Color & Decor Ideas for Kitchen with Pass Through?

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Q: I'd love some advice in what to do with this kitchen. It's open and includes a cut-out in the one wall that looks out into my living room. The kitchen also features an old formica countertop that is very hard to match: mint green/seafoam, gray, and what looks like a faded olive pattern of retro rectangles.

Because the kitchen is so open and also because of the cut-out, I want to choose a color scheme that flows well into my living room. In the living room, I have decorated with variations of magenta, purple, eggplant and orange. My style is a combination of Eastern and modern. I've included a photo of a batik wall hanging from this room.

I'm lost as to what colors will flow well and match with the seafoam counter top. I would also like to create a painting for the blank wall at the end that will incorporate the color, plus look good through the wall cut-out. Help!

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Good Questions

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