The 1990s may be back in style, but I'm not sure we're ready for an onslaught of peach rooms. A touch of peach, however, is refreshing and cheerful.

  1. A delicate, paper-mache bowl from Up In The Air Somewhere. $46.
  2. A trendy, but very cool, pillow for your refurbished wing chair. £45.95 on Zazzle.
  3. This pretty towel is perfect for your kitchen, or a great gift for your friend's new kitchen. $24 from Leah Duncan on Etsy.
  4. Lindsay Cowles' self-adhesive wallpaper is based on sections of her artwork. $98 a roll at Lindsay Cowles Fine Art.
  5. Create a cheerful nursery with this bright blanket from Uimi. $165AUD at Applecart Kids.

(Images: As linked above.)