Color for Color-Phobes

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If you drool over inspirational, color-saturated photos but when push comes to shove and you're standing in the paint aisle, you just can't pull the trigger, you, my friend, may be a color-phobe. Don't worry, there's a cure: gradually ease into color with these beginner, intermediate and advanced tips.


If you love white...try grey.

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Baby steps! If you're used to seeing sparse spaces, grey is the perfect non-scary way to add interest to your big, blank walls. Remember the lessons of warm vs cool tones and take the plunge.


Use a nearly neutral solid.

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You're all over neutrals, and you've even dabbled in darks (maybe you were this close to a black bathroom) so it's just a little leap to actual color. Try a neutral-ish solid like the green above.


Take a color chance.

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Committing to a big color statement is the surest sign that your color phobia is on the run. Take a cue from the photo above and keep walls and decor in the same color family (here: cool) to ensure they work together flawlessly.

Extra Credit

Embrace brights!

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The day you own a poppy red console is the day you can officially call yourself a color convert. Congratulations, you're cured.

(Images: 1.Kristy's Tropical Tudor Home 2.Living Etc 3. Kelly's "Boathouse Vintage" Room for Color Entry 2012 4.Farrow&Ball 5.My Hands Made It )